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Personalized Essential Oil Roll Ons

Made with: Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils + Organic Carrier Oils

Balance + Relax  

+ calm presence
+ balanced to make the correct decisions
+ great for stressful environments
+ great for bed time routine
+ smells delicate, divine and delicious


+ contact us through DM @goddessbodies or email info@goddessbodies with your order number to discuss your unique scent. 
+ craft your own scent made with essential oils 

Jet Belly 
+ alleviate discomfort during travel
+ ideal for those who struggle with bathroom issues on planes or during any type of travel 


Nail Growth 

+ speciality blend to moisturize your cuticles
+ aid in nail strength, growth and health
+ Restore your yellow nails to their natural white color
+ ideal for women who frequently get their nails done 

Full Moon Blend 

+ crafted with the specific upcoming moon in mind 
+ The product varies on a monthly basis

Scar Oil

formulated with 12 natural ingredients that aid in the healing of skin injuries
+ especially effective for soothing and treating areas of the body that have been injured