Healthy Hair

Diet & Vitamins // Treatments // Lifestyle

There are different reasons why women lose their hair - or have trouble growing it long. Hormonal imbalance, stress, iron deficiency, dramatic weight loss, vitamin b12 deficiency, traction alopecia being amongst the most common.


In this blog we touch base with most of them so we can get a better overall understanding.


Food is an essential part of your overall health! It also affects your hair health!


Foods I love to eat for healthy hair : salmon, oysters, shrimp, avocado, chia seeds, flax seed, berries, beans. sweet peppers, nuts, spinach, almond butter, tangerines, carrots , and lentils!

Important vitamins and minerals your hair growth // multivitamin supplement should include!

Vitamins: A, B complex vitamins like

B1, or thiamin B2, or riboflavin

B3, or niacin

B5, or pantothenic acid

B6, or pyridoxine

B7, or biotin

B9, or folate

B12, or cobalamin


vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E,


Minerals: like iron, magnesium, zinc!




LIFESTYLE plays a huge role in your overall health as well! Duh 🙄 but why? Bc stress! lol. So exercise, drink your water but also hair treatments.


Stress is a huge factor in hair loss, that’s why it was important for me when I created the Goddess Bodies hair serum to use oils that also provided hormone balancing, relaxing qualities. Especially for us women!


I use Goddess Bodies Hair serum in my hair at least twice a week - in the steam room as often as I can!

The blend includes essential oils and carriers oils that aid in your OVERALL hair health. The oils hand picked for this blend have a great reputation for preventing hair loss as well as promoting the growth of new hair. They target different areas and that’s why together they work so amazing to bring beautiful results!

Lastly, take it easy on your hair - just let it be natural for a little while. When you wash, style, brush it - treat it like it’s silk. 🤍

There are other factors, like genetics that are uncontrollable- but we can overcome anything with a little love and self care! I am living proof!

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