Empower your Essence - EMF protection

Protecting yourself from radiation emitted by phones and other electronic devices involves a few practical steps:

  1. Limit Usage: Reduce the time you spend using your phone or electronic devices. Less exposure means less risk.

  2. Distance Matters: Keep your phone away from your body. Use a hands-free device like earphones or a Bluetooth headset to make calls.

  3. Text More, Call Less: Texting keeps the phone away from your head, reducing exposure to radiation compared to making calls.

  4. Use Speakerphone: When making calls, use the speakerphone function to keep the phone away from your head.

  5. Avoid Weak Signals: When the signal is weak, your phone works harder and emits more radiation. Avoid using your phone when the signal is poor.

  6. Limit Use by Children: Children's brains are still developing and may be more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

  7. Do Not Sleep With Your Phone: Avoid sleeping with your phone next to your head. Keep it at a distance or in another room.

  8. Use Radiation Shields: There are phone cases and other products that claim to reduce radiation exposure. However, their effectiveness can vary.

  9. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Use your phone according to the manufacturer's safety instructions.

  10. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest research on phone radiation and its health effects.

To protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from devices like phones, some people use specific products or crystals, although it's important to note that the effectiveness of these methods is not scientifically proven. Here's a list of commonly used items:

  1. EMF Shields: These are products designed to reduce exposure to EMF radiation. They can come in various forms, such as phone cases, laptop pads, or even fabric for clothing.

  2. Shungite: This is a black, lustrous mineraloid consisting of more than 98% carbon. It's believed by some to absorb and neutralize EMF radiation, though scientific evidence supporting this is limited.

  3. Orgonite: A mixture of resin, metals, and quartz that is claimed to balance and harmonize bio-energy, often used as a device to protect against EMF.

  4. Black Tourmaline: A popular crystal believed to offer protection against EMF, as well as negative energies.

  5. Hematite: Known for its grounding properties, hematite is sometimes used to counteract the effects of EMF.

  6. Quartz: Particularly clear quartz, is thought to help neutralize and balance energy, including EMF radiation.

  7. Salt Lamps: Himalayan salt lamps are believed by some to produce negative ions that can neutralize EMF radiation.

  8. Laptops and Phone Stands: These stands can help keep devices at a distance, reducing direct exposure.

  9. EMF Protective Clothing: Clothing made with materials that purportedly shield the body from EMF radiation.

It's essential to approach these methods with a critical mindset. While many people use these products and believe in it’s effectiveness, it's a good idea to combine the use of these items with the practical steps mentioned earlier for reducing EMF exposure, such as limiting device usage and maintaining a safe distance from electronic devices.

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