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The little things

I don’t think I ever appreciated eating out as much as I do now!

here are my top 6 favorite places with outdoor seating, liquor licenses and Yummy menus with Plenty Pescatarian and Vegan options!

Ventanas - Fort Lee, NJ

they are so accommodating and lovely! everything is excellent here!

NoHu - Weehawken, NJ

Try the Lavender Cocktail drink- I forgot the name!

Pizza Patio at The Mountain House- Rockland County

IF you're looking for thin crust pizza and wine this is where it's at!

Ask for the topless pizza if you want something vegan!

Boom - Clifton, NJ

They have the impossible burger and a few other meatless options that you can make vegan by omitting sauces/ cheeses! Sedona - Cliffside Park, NJ

They have a cute outdoor seating area for drinks.

Molo’s - Weehawken, NJ

It's greek, with a nice view so lol so i like it :)