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Talking about Toast

Recently me and my good friend Brooke @brookebogle decided we should start posting all the wonderful places we eat at on Wednesday’s! - it‘s our little thing - I’ll get into that later! She is transitioning to a more plant based diet so you guys can have an opinion from me as well as someone else!

Okay so on August 7th, we decided to visit “Toasty Gourmet Eatery & Café” in Westwood, NJ.

It was the cutest little place EVER!

Let’s get to the good part! The MENU & what we ordered!

They had a variety for all eaters, click ”Menu” up top so you can view if you‘d Like ;)

We ordered:

The ultimate PB&J

Vegan Goddess

Monkey Toast

Presentation gets a 10 - this was so pleasing to look at.

okay now let’s talk ingredients 1 by 1

The Vegan Goddess - Tofu, Avocado, Celery, cucumber, and sprouts on Bird Bread 😋

wow! I was pleasantly surprised because I’m still skeptical about anything that has tofu lol! Everything blended so well and every bite was refreshing! The bread was also very yummy! This definitely gets a 9 from me! I don’t give out 10’s lol!

Here was Brooke’s review -

“Vegan goddess toast - 8

For being that small 5% of people that don’t get woo’ed over avocado everything, this was my favorite toast by far.

It was creamy and delicious but still light! And each texture complimented eachother so well.”


The Ultimate PB&J- Debby’s Peanut Butter with organic blackberries, raspberries, peanuts on brioche bread!

This gets a 5 from me- it was too dry and bland for me. I’m happy The ingredients were organic.

Brooke’s Review:

“Ultimate PB&J 5

As someone who is a die hard pb&j lover this wouldn’t be my go to.

Peanut butter is all natural with a gritty texture very tasty but paired with blackberries and peanuts on top. I personally find this toast to gritty for me. Great for someone who is a fan of texture”


Monkey Toast- Vegan Date Nut Bread, slicard banAna drizzled with Kartago Date Syrup topped with coconut shreds.

Okay now thissssss was soo good! I liked everything about this toast including the bread. Very sweet and filling- I had it in the end like for desert almost! I give this an 8

Here is Brookes Review-

“Monkey toast 8

If your looking for more of a dessert toast this is your go to!

Very rich so make sure your sharing with a friend. But the flavors that are paired together are absolutely delicious. Being that the toast is date nut bread it’s very dense but flavorful.“

This is Brooke’s Take on the overall place

“For being a newbie to eating more plant base food I truly enjoyed this place.

Making easier choices isn’t hard for all the options they have. A lot of new comers to the clean eating world tend to think this lifestyle is boring. I have to say more of the food choices I have experienced have had more flavor and I certainly craved it more then usual. ”

As far as for me - I am

definitely going back!