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Stay on track for the Holidays

Okay so who doesn’t like to endulge in food and drinks during the holiday season?!

Today I’m going to share some

tips with you guys that help me

stay accountable during this time ❤️.

tip #1 - get a trainer, or a gym partner. This way you won’t miss your gym sessions. Make a schedule and stick to it- even if it’s for half an hour a day!

tip #2 - If you’re hosting a holiday party make sure you have healthy options - or if you’re going somewhere bring some! The host will appreciate it and so will their guests! - everyone is on A health kick nowadays!

(I’ll give some examples on my next blog)

tip #3 - alcohol - let’s talk about alcohol! lol I stay away from sangrias and anything that was pre-mixed because the sugar in those is unbelievable and a NO from me! I don’t really like vodka but that’s an option with some

lime and maybe a brown sugar rim or something to take the edge off - unless you’re a professional drinker and can Drink it straight up lol. Either that, some champagne (Brut) or even prosseco depending on the options.

tip #4 - dessert - I personally stay away from anything that has dairy in it - but for those of you that aren’t dairy free- maybe skip on the dessert, or go for a sorbet or a lighter option it available. (A dairy free dessert is a great idea as a gift if you’re attending someone’s event!)

tip #5 - pace yourself! lol sitting around being a food vacuum because you’re in deep convo isn’t going to help you with anything besides maybe getting a stomach ache! Lol!

tip #6 - I shouldn‘t even be saying this because it’s common sense but sometimes we forget to drink water! Especially between meals and drinks!

okay well! I hope this helped you guys! leave a comment below with some

of your tips! ❤️ Happy Holidays 💫