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September - Time to Cleanse & Reset

Renew the harmony in your body in soul with 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Cleanse & Renew with our Basic Detox .

This detox is very gentle on the body as opposed to detoxes that have you running to the bathroom every hour or so, so you can go about your daily routine without worrying about finding the next bathroom ASAP. because honestly what kind of life is that? Our Detox is a 2 product process Cleans (Detox) and Renew (Probiotics). Gut health is the reason we feel how we feel, everything starts from our Gut. If you're bloated, you feel foggy, you're always tired, etc chances are you're not taking probiotics; or not taking the right ones! The probiotics we offer are unique because they offer a double layer pre- and probiotic delivery system. The time release inner capsule is the magic of these probiotics because they are designed to help protect the probiotic cultures from the harsh environment of the stomach delivering them to the intestinal tract.

Step 2. Revitalize & Restore

We offer Nutritional programs for all eaters that you can pair with your detox or continue after your detox if you'd like to take it step by step.

The most important part of step 2 is check yourself - are you taking at least a multivitamin?

Our diets today lack in so many things because of the way we live - unless you do yoga and are on a raw food diet - this most likely applies to you! Our hair is thinning, we lack energy, we have bags under our eyes, our posture sucks, our skin doesn't feel nourished - all these things start from the things we are putting into our bodies. - so the least we can do, is take some damn vitamins! I mean no1 is a perfect eater- but we can be perfect vitamin takers :).

The one we suggest your begin with is a multivitamin!

If you're ready to invest in yourself and go all-in then you can start with the Vitality Pack. Your monthly source of (Vitamins + Omega + Energy )

anddd we also offer the VEGAN pack as well!

These are all the supplements you need a month, and yes it may seem costly but in the long run you're helping yourself age better, live better, feel better... anddd you'll thank us when you're 90!

Step 3. ALIGN

It's SO important to align your mind body and spirit! Taking a yoga class in your neighborhood! You can find one on MINDBODY! Orr taking time in the morning to meditate before you start your day! You can click here to try one of our favorite meditation experiences. I believe the first time you try it, it's actually free. We also like to pair our meditation/ yoga practices with essential oils. This takes it to the next level and provides so many more benefits. Personally speaking, it makes a huge difference. There's so many different oils, and if you're a beginner you may not know where to start which is why we have a package especially for yoga and meditation.

We hope you enjoyed this little short article that was inspired by our morning meditation!

p.s. if this post inspired you to take a huge step and you kind of just want to try to head towards the direction of a different/ healthier way of life you can checkout our LIFESTYLE PROGRAMS!

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Much Love,

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