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Natural Deodorants

So ..... this was tough for me to dabble in because I would hate to be in the middle of something and smell something unpleasant coming from my under arm... lol but since I was spending a lot of time at home reading about how Harmful certain things are for us...... I decided to try some natural deodorants and worst came to worst I thought to myself - hey ill just jump in the shower - lol. So! The first one I tried was Tom’s ... I left it on overnight, woke up everything was still okay! So I gained some confidence and re-applied after my shower. Went out and.... My experience wasn’t so good. LOL! Moving on to the next one ......I believe the next one was SHMIDTS ( the lavender & sage one). It smelled so good- but I had to re-apply (it didn’t last all day). I then moved on to NATIVE - jasmine & Cedar! Omg I was in LOVE! so for now that’s the one I am


If you are looking for an anti-perspirant I don’t believe there is aluminum free ones. Natural Deodorants don’t block your body from sweating, what they do is keep you smelling nice! If you sweat a lot try looking into your diet... or even hit the sauna/ steam room 🧖‍♀️ so your body can release the toxins that way! There is also natural

deodorants with “sweat activated technology” like “Type:A” which help keep you dry.

There are a few other brands that I’m actually interested in trying “Tarte Clean Queen Vegan deodorant”, “Agent Nateur holi stick“, ”Kopari”, and “Corpus third rose” being amongst the ones that pop right into my head! I will

keep you guys updated on my natural deodorant journey! Lol!!! But for now, if you want to try the Jasmine & Cedar one CLICK HERE! Because it’s actually not available on their website!