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chakra balancing

do you feel like you might need a reset?

so, what do I do when I feel stuck? 3 things

1. Meditate, listen to meditation music before bed until I fall asleep.

I listen to chakra balancing meditations and apply certain oils to help!

If you want the set CLICK HERE!

2. DETOX- whether it’s the goddess bodies one I usually do every 2 months, or if I drink different types of smoothies that correlate with the chakras.

I also start to really watch what I’m putting into my body!

3. Workout - go for a run, do a quick workout in your house - should I post one?? hit the gym! Just get your body moving! Take a dance class, do yoga!

If you’re all out of ideas - go on Groupon and type in “Health” or “Gym” and whatever you are drawn to, go and DO IT!

always remember taking time for yourself is important. learning to really protect your space and avoiding unwanted interactions. Be picky with who you allow access to you! be picky with what you eat! and be picky with what you pay attention to!


we will have a much more detailed blog coming soon that integrates essential oils, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, crystals and a rainbow diet <3