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Home Made Jam

Jam- because we like the chunks of fruits in it!

and what's better than some home made, organic Jam!!!?

WHO knows! anyways... here's how to make it <3

  1. Pick your fruit - Some take longer to cook than others. I used Raspberries, and Strawberries. Blueberries are also a good option but they take over an hour to cook!

  2. I like to use fresh, unfrozen, organic fruits. (shorter cooking time/ healthier choice)

  3. Get your jars, cleaned, sterilized and ready! This is important because you don't want stuff growing on your Jelly- remember we aren't using preservatives!

  4. Put 2 pounds of mashed fruit, in a medium sized deep sauce pan until it starts to bubble and then reduce to simmer.

  5. Add 4 cups of Raw Sugar and 1/4 cup organic lemon juice in the pan and stir until everything is dissolved.

  6. Increase the heat to high, until it comes to a boil and stir often!

  7. This is going to take a little while,(about 40 minutes depending on the fruit you pick) so grab a book or turn on your favorite TV Series, but make sure you stir every 20 minutes until the consistency is the way you like it!

  8. Poor into the Jars, and then store it in the fridge! (This will make about 5 cups of Jam)

&& now I get to enjoy my organic, preservative free, natural yummy jammmm over organic peanut butter on EXTRA toasty bread with a Cold Glass of Malk Cashew Milk<3

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