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Back to one of our Favorite places

This time we tried a few different things at Toasty Eatery (Westwood, NJ) so we can bring you guys some more reviews ;)

so. Let’s get to it!

Toasty pt 2


“I have to say this place has became one of my favorite healthy eating spots.

Iro and I couldn’t wait to get back and taste test new menu items!

Their pan seared ahi tuna toast ugh! To die for. Very flavorful and they don’t skip out on making sure you have a piece of tuna with every bite. My absolute favorite!

We also got to try their revamped green goddess toast. They added eggplant “bacon” for texture. My second favorite toast on their menu . I do have to say I wish the eggplant was crispy . Slightly too chewy but! That doesn’t stop me from ordering it again.

Iro and I loved their smoothie bowls we chose the green smoothie bowl topped with their house made granola and blueberries. Very light not heavy which I look for in a smoothie bowl. Definitely a go to if you want something satisfying.”

Now .... on to the Vegan, Gluten Free POP


they were crispy which is great! Because who likes mushy gluten free stuff. yuck.

the jelly was organic which makes me really happy :) overall - this is one the places we will probably use for our holiday party catering needs! Yes they cater! ❤️ Definitely a quality food place with many options for all types of eaters!

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