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Another Vegan Adventure

so this time Brooke picked the spot and her choice was Subias In Jersey City!

okay the parking situation was horrible but let’s get to the food part 😝!

we started with the Jack Tuna, and the Black

Bean Veggie Burger, eVen tho It was kind of hard to narrow it down ( we weren’t that hungry I believe lol!)

Take a Glimpse at their menu!

so in my opinion, the black bean burger was amazing - definitely going back for it.

the jack tuna kind of let me down just a little bit but the bread kind of made up for it - nonetheless I ate my half Bc we were deep in convo.

They had a nice little selection of Vegan Desserts as well! We ordered the carrot cake which was juicyyy lol and the chocolate cannoli which - idk but it might have been a little stale? I’m not sure if it was gluten- free (gluten free deserts have a different texture) so I don’t want to say it was bad, but I’m not sure I would have it again! I would definitely try some of their other ones!

Brooke’s take on everything:

“As a non vegan yet conscious about my health eater. I have to say this place had one of my favorite veggie burgers I’ve tasted yet.

I wasn’t a fan of the jack “tuna” melt but that’s also because I’m a huge fan of tuna in general.

We topped off our meal with some tasty desserts and I have to say the carrot cake here is amazing. Very flavorful and soft.

I will definitely be back for another try at their other veggie burger options and to top it off with a new dessert.

on the way out we noticed little fridges with my favorite coconut water! omg! and some other vegan goodies!

if you do end up eating here, leave a review below and tell us what you think!