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How to cook Vegan/Non Vegan

Soo my boyfriend has been trying vegan places with me like allll the time, because I love vegan food. BY THE WAY!

I am not VEGAN. I am

Dairy free- Meat free. So yes I eat fish occasionally, for the vegan police out there!



What I’ve been doing lately that has really helped me make foods That we BOTH can enjoy without spending 20 million hours in the kitchen!

Okay so let me elaborate!

what does this mean?

number 1 - pick the same "base"?

okay for example,

stuffed peppers, the "base" would be the pepper, and the filling.

this is so simple! all i did was switch out the meat with beans and the cheese with non-vegan cheese!

number 2.

SIDES with ingredients you can add on/ or omit!

i made a salad and roasted potatoes!

the salad had two dressing options- balsamic vinaigrette and thousand island dressing.

I'm sure you can guess the balsamic was for me! lol the non-dairy eater.

for the potatoes- he likes to add parmesan cheese on top so i bake them with seasonings and then add the parm on his portion at the end!

lastly! be open minded! you can do this with so many things! from breakfast, lunch and dinner!

for stuffed peppers and more vegan recipes you can buy my recipe book! check it out by clicking here