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Traveling vegan against popular belief is a lot easier then I thought. Before visiting Dominican Republic my family would always warn me.. “sometimes you just have to give in and eat what is available” meaning meat, dairy, and eggs. After spending several days in Dominican Republic I realized vegan food is available in abundance. Plenty of Rice, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables was all I needed.

I also visited California with some time spend at Yosemite Park and the rest of my time in San Francisco. Although I had no problem finding plant based meals and snacks during my trip, I found it helpful to bring my own snacks. I had granola bars, dried fruit, and oatmeal on the go cups.

The world is changing.. more and more people are going plant based. This means more vegan options for us to enjoy! Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t have to mean your diet is out the window, stay in control, and keep your goals in mind.