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Vegan Tacos

Taco tuesdays gone vegan

so i kept seeing taco tuesday this taco tuesday that all over my instagram feed... so i was like alright let's make tacos... and I'm going to have my boyfriend - who is not vegan- try them!

the ingredients i used were:

365 organic taco shells

so delicious shredded vegan cheddar

meat less soy free grounds from whole foods 1 organic avocado 1 tomato

1/2 white onion

1/4 red onion

2 limes

hot sauce

himalayan salt, black pepper, garlic spices

i cooked the "meat" on medium heat for about 12 minutes so it can be crunchy!

adding the white onion and spices 5 minutes in.

i added the hot sauce about 10 minutes in.

while that was cooking i sliced up the avocado in little cubes!

i did the same with the tomato and the red onion

I mixed everything in a little bowl and added the juice from two fresh limes with a little salt and pepper to taste!

omg it was soooo yummy and fresh!

i added the meat, the avocado-tomato-onion-mix in the tacos and sprinkled the vegan cheddar cheese ontop!

my boyfriend loved them! he ate 5! lol

soooooo for those of you that think vegan food doesn't taste good, think again.

you have to know what to buy! and i can definitely be of help!

check out my grocery list on my website!

if you decide to make this recipe, i would love love love to see it!

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