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Vegan Tzatziki

So I’m Greek and I absolutely love love love tzatziki but I have completely eliminated dairy from my diet for over two years so I’ve been hoping for a vegan one. It’s been a struggle to find a quality dairy-free/vegan tzatziki sauce but to my surprise ..... god has answered my prayers.

The tzatziki sauce was drizzled over the juiciest falafels I’ve ever had in my life 👍🏻

And it was paired with pico de Gallo that was perfection in my mouth. I’m going back today for lunch.  Literally. I would recommend this dish to everyone! Vegan or non vegan 🌱 it’s amazing! 

So where can we buy this mouth watering little dish?

Urban Griddle in Elizabeth! 

460 maple avenue, Elizabeth NJ and their hours are from 7am - 3pm!  Enjoy ❤️