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Coffee Scrub

Why is coffee scrub so amazing for your skin?

First and foremost caffeine helps tighten the skin.

caffeine also reduces swelling and inflammation so it's perfect if you get puffy eyes.

it also works wonders with evening skin tone. reduces dark circles under eyes, and red spots on your skin.

it get's better....

Besides the caffeine part...

there's also coconut oil in the scrub.

all natural, organic, non gmo coconut oil that is...

at least in the goddess bodies scrub!

coconut oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial. so while you're exfoliating, you're also moisturizing.

now... we're not basic so our coffee scrub also has essential oils in it that benefit you skin!

for example:

grapefruit oil- amazing for reducing cellulite, slimming, and toning.

cedar wood- helps with acne and all types of skin problems.

cinnamon- stops acne causing bacteria!

vitamin e- reduces wrinkles and keeps skin young looking!

you can use coffee scrub all over your body and it will benefit you!

now... this is what our regular coffee scrub has in it.

imagine what our customized ones can do for your skin!!!