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Coffee Scrub

Why use a coffee scrub?

First and foremost caffeine helps tighten the skin.

Caffeine reduces swelling and inflammation so it's also perfect if you get puffy eyes.

It also works wonders with evening skin tone, reducing dark circles under eyes, removing dark spots and red spots on your skin.

It get's better....

Let's get a little more personal and talk about the Coffee Scrub we offer at Goddess Bodies.

Besides the caffeine part... there's about 4 carrier oils, 3 butters, and 6 essential oils in our formula!

One of the carrier oils is fractionated, organic, Coconut oil which is anti fungal, anti bacterial so while you're exfoliating and preventing acne, you're also moisturizing.

Coffee scrubs can also help brighten your skin appearance for a clean polished look!

Let's talk about some of the Essential Oils that are part of the Goddess Bodies Coffee Scrub.

Grapefruit Essential oil- amazing for reducing cellulite, slimming, and toning.

Cedarwood Essential Oil - helps with acne and all types of skin problems.

Cinnamon Essential Oil- is know to stop acne causing bacteria!

Vitamin E- reduces wrinkles and keeps skin looking young!

These are only a few of the oils, butters, and essential oils that are used to make Goddess Bodies Scrubs!

Our Coffee Scrub is all natural, pure, organic, vegan, non GMO so it's safe to use daily all over your body!

Now, even though we all love coffee scrubs they do have a habit of clogging drains, so that's why we re-formulated the original Goddess Bodies coffee scrub to prevent this issue. So now with the all new formula you can use your coffee scrub without clogging your drain because it melts!

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