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How can Terrazyme help me lose weight?

Enzymes do a lot more than help you lose weight. They balance mood, preventing anxiety and depression.

The digestive enzymes that are important for weight loss help break down the food we eat and keep our metabolism burning fat. The enzymes important for weight loss include lipase, protease and amylase.

Terrazyme includes all three PLUS MORE!

Check the chart below

If your digestive system can't break down food, you won't absorb nutrients (causing fatigue or anemia) or detoxify your body. You'll develop a sluggish metabolism and gain weight. When your digestion is poor, the food you consume won't supply your body with sufficient energy or help build healthy muscles and tissues.

All uncooked foods have enzyme activity, even red meat. When cooked or processed for canning, the enzymes are destroyed. This is one of the reasons raw foods are so much better for you than cooked foods – they still have the power of enzymes.

It's no surprise that enzymes can control your mood, since they control many other biochemical processes necessary for your survival. Antidepressants replicate the chemical processes of enzymes in the body to control mood, ADHD and anxiety.

Eating a healthy diet and taking Terrazyme will keep you regular, control your weight and combat depression at the same time.

Terrazyme is part of our "Slim Down Pronto" Package, our "Goddess Deluxe" lifestyle program and our Maintenance Programs! If you would like to purchase this separately email us!