Snatch your Waist- OUTSIDE OF THE GYM.

Use this trainer during the day for at least 3 hours! Its comfortable fit can be worn at work under your clothes, or while you're running errands! Also great for back support!

(This is ideal for someone that wants to train their waist OUTSIDE of the gym or needs extra back support.) It can also be worn in the gym, but it doesn't have the Sweat Belt Neoprene Material on the inside.  SAME DESIGN; Different material on the inside!

PLEASE NOTE; We do have different color Waist Snatchers but we ship according to size!

If you are in between sizes we reccomend you purchase a size up. (The adjustable velcro strap can be made tigher as you size down.)

Size Recommendations:

XS- 22-26
S- 26-30
M- 30-34
L- 34-38
XL- 38-42

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Waist Snatcher

  • Size Recommendations:

    S- 26-30

    M- 30-43

    L- 34-38

    XL- 38-42