It took us almost 2 years to come up with this Vegan-Alternative Grocery list.  This item list has 50+ products that you can find on the shelves of Acme, Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!  The entire list is made up of Vegan Alternatives/Essentials.  (Cheese alternatives for example).  Some of the items will even shock you when you find out they are Vegan!  What makes this list so special? After trial and error we took into consideration taste, quality, health, as well as price when we put this list together!  We are proud to say that we have tried most (if not all) the vegan alternatives found on shelves in New Jersey, and we hand-picked the best ones for you!  Wether you're looking to try a Vegan Diet, or you just want to try some Vegan foods and don't know where to start and which items to buy, this Grocery List will put you ahead of the curve.

Grocery List (Vegan Essentials)