Sugar scrub infused with CBD oil, rose and geranium essential oils. 

Organic Oils
Mango, Coconut & Sweet Almond
Pure Essential Oils Rose & Geranium
100% Organic full-spectrum CBD Oil
Emulsifies so it won’t leave greasy residue on your hands or shower!

When CBD is put on the skin, it may help with the appearance of aging, dullness, redness, and localized soothing effects. It has calming properties, multiple vitamins, and essential fatty acids which is why it’s becoming the new craze in face creams, serums, and body lotions!

CBD also helps reduce and manage stress, reduce sad and anxious feelings, helps relaxation, soothe tight and tense muscle pain, and a good night’s sleep.

Rose Geranium oil can help benefit health issues and its a natural and safe essential oil that will improve your skin, mood, and overall health and wellbeing.

Our CBD sugar scrub emulsifies so you’re not left with greasy residue on your hands or bath 🛁 tub!

CBD Minty Rose Scrub