• Iro Dimitrakopoulos

I need a reset

so, what do I do when I feel stuck? 3 things

1. Meditate, listen to meditation music before bed until I fall asleep.

I listen to chakra balancing meditations and apply certain oils to help!

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if you rather try a mini diffuser with our “Balance & Serenity“ blend CLICK HERE!

2. DETOX- whether it’s the goddess bodies one I usually do every 2 months, or if I juice for 1-3 days I start to really watch what I’m putting into my body!

3. Workout - go for a run, do a quick workout in your house - should I post one?? hit the gym! Just get your body moving! Take a dance class, do yoga!

If you’re all out of ideas - go on Groupon and type in “Health” or “Gym” and whatever you are drawn to, go and DO IT!

always remember taking time for yourself is important. I am learning to really protect my space and if I’m not ready to interact with someone or bring new or old energies in my space I won’t do it. Be picky with who you allow access to you! be picky with what you eat! and be picky with what you pay attention to!