Meet The Team

Andrea Calderon

Aromatherapist and Nutritionist. Graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science concentrated in Dietetics and Nutrition.  "Nutrition really changed for my life since my mom recently had breast cancer, and her diet change is what really helped her through her journey of having cancer.  I believe that food is your medicine. I want to advocate holistic health to others and on how to have a healthier mind, body, and spirit." 



Founder of Goddess Bodies.  

Certified Personal Trainer.  

Specializes in Group Fitness and Weight Training.

"Making others feel good makes me feel good, there's no better feeling in this world"  

Tanisha Gomez

Certified at Academy of Massage Therapy.  Practicing Massage Therapy for 7 years!  Experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, Rom and Aromatherapy.

Goddess Bodies Advocates

Alyssa Flores

Special Education paraprofessional for 7 years.  

"Each person has their own unique gift/magic locked somewhere inside, my goal is to open a window and help you to flourish in ways you didn't think possible."

Joanne Triguero

Owner of Hourglass Diva Company.  Specializes in beauty, cosmetic & personal care.

Ira Gonzalez

"On my journey to becoming the best version of myself and spreading my knowledge and experiences on the way."

Jennifer Garcia

Living Green Cuisine Blogger.

"Feeling good is always a priority for me.  I love to change people's perception about vegan food through the dishes I make.  Creating health and wellness through food has become a passion of mine."

Lorena Perrone

Senior Business Development professional with experience in global tourism/hotel industry.  

"Goddess Bodies is an empowering brand for all genders, I'm excited to share the benefits of its products!"

Janelle Carter

Health/Nutrition enthusiast.  Studying to become a Dietician.  "Everyday is a new opportunity to better yourself.  With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

Karyn Elle

Special Education Teacher, BA in Media Communications, Mom and all around healer.

"I chose Goddess Bodies because it encompasses everything I believe in; Wellness is mental and physical!  We are all on a mission to be our best selves." 

Kari Rogel

Law Enforcement single mother working to be her own boss.

"Motivation comes from looking at the things you want and realizing what it takes to get it!"

Yanira  Esmeralda

Certified makeup/lash Artist.

"Lover of all things beauty, health, and fitness.  I have been in the health and fitness world for over 4 years; I lost 70 pounds.  I aspire to inspire.  My goal is to encourage people and help them live a healthier/happier lifestyle."